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Washable dolls for toddlers

Washable dolls for toddlers

Your child’s interaction with toys at an early age is very crucial for his/her social and mental development. As a parent, you want to make the best decisions for your baby when it comes to everything involving your child and washable dolls for toddlers are no exception.

At 2 years, a toddler can begin to understand the logical order of objects and it’s at this age your little one enters the stage of complex playing. Dolls play a very important role during these critical developmental stages that’s why you must understand this fact which will help you choose the best washable dolls for toddlers.

Why is playing with dolls so important?

Dolls are one of the oldest play toys and even after many years, they still play an important role in your child’s life. For your toddler, playing with soft dolls provides comfort and can help your baby develop fine motor and self-help skills. All children, even boys, have an opportunity to own and play with a baby doll during their toddler years. This is because dolls have the potential to teach your kids about themselves and the world around them.

Developmental skills acquired when playing with washable dolls for toddlers

Here are some of the ways dolls help your child in their development.

Social and emotional skills

Dolls help your child to understand their world, practice caring and nurturing, prepare for a sibling, and mimic what they see their family and friends do. Regardless of your child is a boy or girl, these skills are important life lessons where your toddler can practice being caring to others hen carrying, feeding, holding, and rocking a doll. Your baby will mimic how she remembers you taking care of her or how she has seen other adults take care of their kids. The way kids copy their parents when doing something like cleaning the house, doll play is no different.

This is the only way your child can start to understand and identify with the world. Playing with dolls helps to solidify your child’s social skills that he will gain during his early years of development. When your toddler plays house, she’s able to communicate with her playmate with a lot of care and cooperation. By taking care of a doll, she learns how to take care of someone else. Many kids love taking on an adult role which gives them a sense of control and power in play.

Speech-language skills

A doll is a toy that can help your child open up and expand her pretend play where she learns a lot of language through play then she’s able to practice her speech and language when playing with her dolls. As your child plays with dolls with her friends, they run into new and unique situations during their games which helps them to communicate with each other strengthening their vocabulary and gives them insight into home routines that is different from their own. Using the doll, you can teach your child the different parts of the body, different clothing items, color, and size, and ask your child questions that will help her understand when playing.


This is an important social skill your child should learn at an early age. By learning how to play and take care of the doll, she can learn how to take care of her pets and her other siblings the same way her older brothers and sisters take care of her.

Cognitive, self-help, and fine motor skills

Dolls provide your child with a good opportunity to develop her fine motor, cognitive, and self-help skills because kids find it easy to practice what they have seen on something or someone before they can do it themselves. It’s important to remember that boys develop their fine dressing and fine motor skills later than girls so you should expose your baby boy to more opportunities to practice. For example, although some clothes are easier to remove than others, your toddler will try to remove the baby socks on the doll first before trying to remove the ones on her feet.

She will master taking clothes off first before putting them on. Her self-feeding skills will also improve as she practices to hold and feed the doll properly. Dolls also provide a good opportunity to practice hygiene and grooming skills like brushing her teeth, brushing her hair, and washing hands.


Playing with dolls allows your child to develop her imagination as she creates and imagines different scenarios while playing with the dolls and her friends.

Compassion and empathy

Another important skill that your child can learn when playing with dolls is how to process emotions like compassion and empathy. Caring for her doll will teach your child how to empathize with the people around her and ensures that she grows up to be a caring person.

Washable dolls for toddlers

Haba snug-up boy baby doll

This is an 8-inch snuggly boy baby doll that is ideal for newborns and older babies. Luis has a very soft and cuddly surface that your baby will love to snuggle close to when sleeping. He has a cute printed face with freckles, large brown eyes, a sweet little nose, and mouth. His soft fleece pajama and the matching cap has been sewn in which makes him a perfect first doll for your baby from birth. Your baby can safely play with Luis without you worrying about small pieces getting detached from the doll. The soft filling in this doll makes him very cuddly and a perfect size for little hands and he can easily sit up. Your baby will love holding this little doll in their arms to be a close companion throughout their early childhood.

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Manhattan toy baby Stella

Baby Stella is a peach soft doll that comes with a piece outfit, a removable diaper, and a magnetic pacifier that attaches to her mouth. It’s a very soft and safe doll for your baby to play with and it encourages your baby to be nurturing and caring. This soft and huggable doll has a plump tummy, embroidered facial features, fingers, toes, and a belly button. The magnet in the pacifier is safely sewn in an inner pouch in a layer of fabric. Your baby will love attaching and removing the magnetic pacifier from the doll’s mouth. The doll’s clothes can be removed and put back easily with the help of the attached Velcro straps. This soft doll has an adorable smile and its mushy arms and legs add to its cuteness.

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Baby starters brunette Olivia doll

This is a cute little doll that is made with high-quality plush materials that you can easily machine wash. Your baby will love the super soft fabric with a satin lining and friendly features to stimulate your baby’s touch. This doll is small enough to be held by small hands and soft and snuggly for your baby to cuddle with when sleeping. This soft and lovable doll would make a perfect new mom gift idea. This doll makes a rattling sound that soothes and keeps your baby entertained which makes it perfect for cuddling and snuggling at home and even when traveling in a stroller or the car seat. The soft body and small size make it perfect for your baby to have it everywhere.

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Baby twin dolls

This is an adorable pair of twin dolls that will make the perfect first dolls to help your baby develop nurturing, social, and emotional skills. These cuddly pair are a boy and a girl that have blue and pink matching outfits and hats that add to their cuteness. They’re made with top quality materials that are safe for your little ones to play with. These dolls provide your kids with a more realistic experience that they can enjoy. The dolls come with feeding bottles that are colored with no actual liquid to help stimulate your little one’s developing brain. The opportunity to care for two babies will keep your little one entertained for hours. This adorable pair of dolls come with a 3 piece outfit that includes a hat, shirt, and pants that are made with lead-free and safe materials for your baby.

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La baby boutique soft doll

This is a realistic-looking soft body baby doll that has amazing details like a vinyl head, arm, and legs dressed in a cute pink outfit and a matching hat. You can easily hand wash the body and remove the clothes and it comes with different styles you can choose from for your little one. It’s small enough for your baby’s small hands to hold and its soft body makes it perfect for cuddling. It’s a great doll for pretend play which encourages holding, caring, and development of social skills in your little one.

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Playing with washable dolls for toddlers gives you a better insight into your child’s life so if your child is unhappy or having problems dealing with certain emotions, you can use pretend play to get your child to open up. Pretend play is also a great opportunity for your toddler to develop and practice social, language, cognitive, emotional, and fine motor skills. She will also be able to understand the world better and learn how to handle different situations.

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