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So Truly Real dolls

So Truly Real dolls reviews: affordable, yet never sinking in quality

Do you have a young one in your home that is passionate about dolls, the whole process of taking care of them, and knows how to use their toys carefully? In that case, the So Truly Real dolls might be right up their alley – our review will tell you why.

Dolls have indeed come a long way, and the improvement in technology means that the dolls of today look and feel nothing like their older counterparts. In particular, the So Truly Real line of dolls is quite the impressive achievement, and will have you excited for any doll that comes your way.

When you take one look at these dolls, you will likely love them right from the get-go. The design is very realistic even by doll standards, making you think as though you are holding a real, living baby. If you have a young child that enjoys creating role-play with these items, then our So Truly Real doll review will help to convince you why this is a great pick for them.

What are So Truly Real dolls?

The company behind these dolls, Ashton-Drake, has a rich legacy surrounding it – and that also means that they always aim to give you the best dolls in the market, as well as setting standards for customer service.

The history of Ashton-Drake goes back to 1985, and they have set the pace since then b adhering to the highest standards of quality. This is the reason why their doll collections are popular among collectors, as the life-like designs are intriguing and capture their attention. They also have legendary doll-making artists on their roster, and this contributes to the realistic design that their dolls have.

They pay close attention to the materials they use as well, through using materials such as silicone, porcelain and vinyl. They also add details such as the hair (in a hand-rooted design) and details on the body and limbs, which make these products look at their best.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a special doll that you have always wanted to own, you are looking for a doll for your child to cuddle, or want to give them as gifts, there is always something for everyone – and the company is committed to giving you the best experience.

What to expect

There are few things that are quite like this collection of dolls, and it provides an interesting experience when you get to hear the ‘heartbeat’ of the doll, or when it coos and breathes.

The doll is created by the legendary artist Linda Murray, and has irresistible value attached to it. As long as you have a child who is age 6 or older and appreciates dolls, this will be a great gift for them (it is not intended for kids under age 6).

Key features

Lifelike features

The outfit that the doll wears is quite lifelike and easy to maintain, which means that you will not have as hard of a time in case the doll makes a mess when it comes to cleaning up.

The doll has a variety of features that imitate real life babies. Right from the hair to the grip, it is an immersive experience all through. In fact, its hair is made up hand-rooted strands that look and feel like actual hair, while the body is easy to pose in different positions. The skin, on the other hand, is very soft to the touch, and mimics that of a real baby.

The doll has a firm grip that is touch sensitive – this means that when you place your finger in its hand, this activates the sensors present in the dolls’ hand, and it will grip your finger in response.


There are several outfits that come with the package, and the dress that the doll wears is very soft. There is sufficient use of baby oils and products, so the doll has a very good smell – similar to that of a baby.

The attention to detail is also quite meticulous, and you can place the battery pack at the back. The diaper is also life-like, which you can remove easily and change in case it gets wet (which can happen frequently).in addition, the diapers are also reusable for poop situations, which can occur after you feed it.

Payment in instalments

If you would like to buy the doll and its package but do not have enough money up-front, the company has an interesting proposition: you can deposit some money with them and agree on the number of months you will pay as well as the amounts you will send in installments.

The company gives you a period of 6 months, maximum, to allow you to pay the entire amount. Depending on the price of the doll and the amount you pay as deposit, they will send you invoices every month for the amount you agreed on.

A few things to note:

If you want a doll that has realistic veining though, then this doll is not for you. There are no veins on the body of the doll, as everything is highly polished (even though you can see plenty of blush detail added to the face, hands and legs).

Note that since the doll is a mass-produced one, it will also not be suitable for you if you want a more unique kind of doll in design. The dolls are easy to find, and you will likely f9ind that you share the same baby design as several other people, so keep this in mind when thinking of purchasing it.


  • Very lifelike and attractive design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Well-built mechanism
  • Affordable


  • Tends to feel slightly stiff compared to other life-like dolls
  • Does not have veining


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Final verdict

This doll is very good for kids that are starting to take care of dolls or learning to appreciate them, mainly due to the pricing. It is quite affordable compared to many big-name dolls, and gives you a chance to appreciate beautiful dolls as well.

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