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Background of Kofukuji

Kofukuji is a Buddhist temple which was established in 669 CE and relocated to its existing area in Nara, Japan in 710 CE. It was the key Buddhist temple of the influential Fujiwara clanduring the Heian Time period(794-1185 CE).Jun 22, 2017

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Mary Crane
Mary Crane is a businesswoman and her passion for kids is so immense that she came up with a small fun place filled with bouncing castles, small trains with racks, and all the fun things just for kids to have some fun over the holidays and during the weekends. She is a strong advocate of developmental play and understands the effects of the lack of play in the growth of a child. According to Crane, encouraging play in a child helps them grow, and teaches them how to interact with other people at a young age; they also learn to share and make decisions as they grow. Mary Crane is a freelance writer and a mother of one.

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