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Kidibuzz vs. LeapPad Ultimate – are these budget-friendly tablets good for my child?

There are numerous parents and would-be parents who agree completely on the importance of getting a balance between allowing kids to entertain themselves without relying on technology and tech toys in general. This is where the LeapPad Ultimate and Kidibuzz come in; because they both help to strike the balance.

Both the Kidibuzz and LeapPad Ultimate are great, because they aim to be devices that offer much more than just a game. Instead, they offer a fun smartphone-like experience to a kid in the same way their parents would experience. However, you may easily wonder if they are good in the long term, especially as your child grows up – even when considering their budget-friendly cost. Our research reveals that the LeapPad Ultimate outperforms the Kidibuzz, even though it is not to a large extent.

What are the differences between the Kidibuzz and LeapPad Ultimate?

LeapPad Ultimate
Dimensions (inches)
7.01 x 0.75 x 3.82 (smaller and more compact)
9.41 x 5.96 x 0.98 (slightly larger)
Recommended age
4-9 years
3-9 years
Battery life (in hours)
7 hours
6 hours

What are some of the differences between the Kidibuzz and LeapPad Ultimate?


The Kidibuzz includes some educational games, keeping your kids both entertained and learning at the same time. Instead of telling a younger child a flat “no” when they express desire for the same privilege, you can give them a smartphone-like device that still maintains their safety and allows them to connect to the internet.

On the other hand, the LeapPad Ultimate has an extensive content library, containing learning games, videos and apps worth $110, and your kids will be happy seeing their favorite characters through the award-winning cartridges and apps.

To keep your kids occupied throughout its use and excited to play with it, the LeapPad Ultimate comes with Just-For-Me learning technology that is a default feature of many of the learning games. In addition to this, the tablet includes a web browser that is kid-friendly, and will give you access to pre-selected websites that are approved by learning experts.

We like the user-friendly software of the LeapPad Ultimate, which is why we pick it as the winner of this category. It is also very easy to set up, only taking a few minutes at most.

Diversity of Apps

Aside from the main aim of the Kidibuzz Company to provide kids with plenty of entertainment, it also helps parents to have total control of the technology they allow their kids to use – and this is increasingly important in a world where both kids and adults are glued to their smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets.

This safety is achievable through the use of parental controls, such as the ability to approve contact lists, and setting specific times for use. You can also control the websites your children visit, and make them feel as though they are surfing the web. If you want your kids to get active, it also caters to that as well, through its ‘Kidi Star Dance’ app that teaches them up to 20 different moves. It also includes a Li-ion battery that has a battery life of 5 hours, although the long setup process makes the battery life fly by even without achieving much.

Aimed for children with a minimum age of 3 years, the LeapPad Ultimate aims to help kids get some educational and fun content, in order to help increase their core skills in science, reading, and math. The setup process is thankfully, much easier than what you get from the Kidibuzz; it only takes a few minutes at most. The only problem we have is the lack of diversity, as the apps are not as many as you will find in the Kidibuzz.

The Kidibuzz wins in this category, as it delivers what it says; even though the graphics are not as appealing as the LeapPad Ultimate.

How can we compare both the Kidibuzz and LeapPad Ultimate?

Kidibuzz – Overview

The Kidibuzz tablet is aimed for children in the age bracket of four to nine years. It allows a kid to send messages to specified contacts that their parents approve, through the use of Wi-Fi; and it is also possible to add images and video files to connect to people on their contact list, as long as they have a smartphone, and fellow friends that own a Kidibuzz.

Kidibuzz started releasing their devices back in the holiday season of 2017, so it is quite recent. It has some interesting features, such as the Wonder Masks app that adds some movement-responsive filters to facial photos, and learning using AR (augmented reality) in its ‘Creature Detective’ game. Other games will also cover plenty of topics like problem-solving, learning Spanish, music, science, and math. The best part about it though is its affordability, since it comes at a price below $100, with great availability in both online and offline stores.


  • Allows the child to experience a variety of smartphone-like features
  • Parental controls are good
  • Lightweight (only weighs 1 lb.)


  • Advanced options are unavailable
  • Takes long to set up
  • Camera is of poor quality


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LeapPad Ultimate – Overview

The setup process involves removing it from the box and plugging the adapter in. the package includes a Quick Start Guide that shows you all the processes you need to know, which include registration of your LeapPad Parent account, powering the tablet up, connecting to Wi-Fi, downloading the app, and learning and playing. After setting up the parent account, for instance, you get a confirmation email and a choice to disable or enable the LeapPad App Store. After you finish signing in, you can set up their own accounts, even adding more than one child to one device.

The appearance takes on the form of a multi-touch capacitive shatter-style screen that measures 7 inches, and is durable thanks to the built-in bumper.


  • Very durable build
  • Good parental controls
  • Easy setup


  • Its storage is limited
  • Lacks manual control of volume and brightness


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Conclusion: So what is better? The Kidibuzz or LeapPad Ultimate?

None of these options is brilliant for their use, but they both work if you want something simple for your child without spending too much money. Nevertheless, we need to pick a winner; and for that, the LeapPad Ultimate is our pick due to its user-friendliness, good graphics, and the many learning opportunities it offers to your kids to express themselves.

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