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How to fix a broken toy car wheel

If you have a broken toy on your hands, regardless of which part is broken off, you might think of throwing the entire toy away, or think about replacing it. However, there is a semblance of hope – because toys are easy to fix, provided you have the right tools at your disposal.

There are many people that assume fixing broken toy parts like car wheels is more of a hassle than simply throwing the car away and replacing it with a new one. The truth is different though – repairing plastic toy parts is actually easier than you might think; but you need to fix it correctly.

One thing to note here is that manufacturers tend to replace toy collections very quickly, so it is better to repair broken parts in order to keep your collection intact. With that said, repairing a broken toy car wheel is possible, especially when you use a solder gun that has a spade or flat shaped tip (like the Vaster solder gun) and weld it in. if it is another wheel type, or if you are dealing with a broken axle, then the repair process will be slightly different.

How do toys work?

Toys are generally defined as objects that a child (or even adult) can use to play with. There are many varieties of toys, as any casual visit to a toy store will show you. However, there are many toys that share some common elements, and you can repair many of them as long as you follow some principles.

As a factual statement, you need to look at restoration of toy parts in a case-by-case basis to some extent – even if it is wheels you are dealing with. This is because toys are only original at one time, and any damage to them will compromise their integrity – even if it is only once. For that reason, it is best to keep them protected at all times, especially if they are very valuable to you.

The difference between a repair and restoration is that if you are merely replacing certain parts, then that is a repair. In that instance, it is easy to decide that you will replace a wheel set or axles if the wheels are damaged or missing, or you can create a standby set of wheels until you get proper replacements for the missing ones. This is particularly important because it is usually very difficult to repair broken wheels.

Many plastic toys, as well as their parts, can break. The most common problem you will notice with rolling toys in particular is losing their handles, axles, or wheels. Not all cases will require repair though, so the criteria to know this is through:

  • If the car or toy is battery powered and refuses to run, the issue is mainly with the battery charger or battery.
  • If there is a broken part, you can use adhesive to fix it
  • It the plastic part becomes loose from a piece of metal or wood, you can drill holes through both the surfaces, then use rivets and bolts to fasten them
  • If the axle is broken, you replace it
  • If the wheeled toy loses a metal or wood wheel, you can replace or repair it

How can I repair my broken toy car wheels?

The incorrect fixing of a toy car wheel leads to the other wheels failing to roll, which creates greater frustration than lacking the wheels in the first place. The problem with most toy cars, especially the Hot Wheel types, is that manufacturers tend to replace toy collections very quickly, so it is better to repair broken parts in order to keep your collection intact. In addition, other parts of the car can also fall off if they have issues as well, and eventually ruining the appearance of the car. Toy stores do not offer repair services either, and some parts are difficult to get – such as for radio-controlled toy cars.

The main key to fixing the toy wheel is understanding the plastic it is comprised of, then breaking it down into a liquid that can then blend with the rest of the surface and form a better bond. If you are going to use adhesive, then you need to use one that is tailored for that specific plastic type during repairs.

Materials you require

  • 24-gauge steel wire
  • Wire clippers
  • Soldering gun
  • Superglue
  • Solder
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Nail file
  • Ball pen hammer
  • Awl

Fixing a Hot Wheel toy car wheel

  1. Remove the wheel(s) from the axle
  2. Use the pliers to cut a section of the 32-gauge wire. Make sure that the length you cut is exactly the same as the under-carriage of the Hot Wheel car, and sticks outside of both ends of half the wheel well’s width.
  3. Use the superglue to attach one end of the wire into the center part of one of the tires.
  4. After this, you slide the wire through the axle hole of the Hot Wheel.
  5. Use the superglue to attach the second wheel on the protruding end of the axle and allow it to set. When you are filing the solder though, make sure you are as careful as possible – you will have to start the entire process again if you break the pin.

If you are repairing a split wood wheel

  1. Drill holes in all the pieces of the broken wheel, to help in fastening to the dowels.
  2. To the dowels, add wood glue
  3. Use a masking tape to clamp the wheel pieces together

If you are repairing a broken axle

  1. Using a pair of pliers, unscrew the lock washers and remove the push nuts. Remove the flat washers and wheels, and then slide the axle out.
  2. From a round steel rod, cut a new axle. Install it, and then slide the wheels and flat washers at its ends. Push the lock washers after the wheels.
  3. Install push nuts over the axle ends, and use a hammer to tap them in place.


Repairing a broken toy car wheel is tricky, because it really depends on how damaged the wheels are, as well as if other mechanical parts of the car are affected. That is why we outline the procedure for checking different parts, as well as different procedures to take if you are repairing a different type of wheel.

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