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How to clean a Traxxas RC car

It is very easily to develop a special love for the action that Traxxas RC cars provide – always built to handle the most extreme of physical environments. Many of these models are easy to use on water, snow, and mud, because of their waterproof electronics, and this makes them fun for both adults and kids alike.

With that said, these cars are prone to getting dirty really fast, especially when you run them outside the home. In driving an RC car, you might not experience the best conditions, and this makes the cleaning up process very important.

It is always good to have a habit of cleaning the car frequently after you change the battery, as we;; as thoroughly before storing the equipment, and this helps to prolong the durability of the car. There is something important to note though: You cannot wash them with detergent and water, because you risk ruining their electronic components. Instead, tailor the cleaning materials to different parts of the car – wet wipes, cotton buds, napkins, and so on.

What are some of the basics to use when cleaning an RC car?

The basic point here is that you need to maintain the cleanliness of your car in order to keep it in top running condition – if you fail to clean it, it suffers damage easily, such as developing rust. However, despite the waterproof components, you risk damaging them when washing with detergent and soap.

This realization makes cleaning them a challenge, even though you will find many cleaning solutions in the market when searching for them. The point to remember is your own willingness to spend on these cleaning solutions – if the premium ones are unavailable for you because of budget constraints, then you need to choose a budget-friendly solution.

Before going ahead with the cleaning process, it is important to examine the tools you require in the Traxxas RC car cleaning process. The good news is that you will not need to use special tools that you need, other than some basic tools and common cleaning products. These tools include:

  • Paper napkins – these are for wiping and drying the toy
  • Cotton buds – prove helpful when you want to reach the corner spots of the toy
  • Toothbrush – helps to remove remaining mud or dirt
  • Wet wipes – to wipe off dirt and grease

What are some extra tools to help clean the RC car?

Air compressors

These are great because they help you save time, while still cleaning your RC car. Generally, the air compressor will operate like air guns blowing the debris in a short time. While it is an expensive option, it is the best option for dry dirt.

Using denatured alcohol

This can help with making dirt and mud in the chassis loose. You can then wipe the chassis using a brush or cotton dipped in alcohol. There is an advantage of alcohol – it does not damage the metals or parts, unlike water.

Using wet wipes

Wipes are great for removing general dirt and grease, such as muddy stains. It is also great for use after every session when you use the car.

How to clean your Traxxas RC car

  1. The first step is to remove the batteries from the vehicle, and then use a brush and compressed air to blow out any debris or loose dust. Note that you should always use eye protection when you are using compressed air, to prevent debris from getting in your eyes.
  2. The danger with leaving debris like small rocks is that they can get caught between gears, which eventually reduce the effectiveness of cooling in both the ESC and motor heat-sinks. If you are using the RC car on pavement, dirt, or grass, you might not need additional cleaning. On the other hand, you might need extra cleaning if you are using the RC in harsher conditions like water, snow, and mud, so that you prevent extra conditions like rust.
  3. If the RC car has waterproof parts, you can clean it further by spraying a general all-purpose cleaner once you are done removing any loose debris. To clean off grass and mud on the body, you can use a brush to clean it off – but if the mud is sticking to the body and refusing to come off, you might need to spray some more cleaning solution and allow it to soak to remove the debris.
  4. Cleaning up the tires and wheels is also important, because excess debris and mud can lead to imbalance, and cause vibrations as well. To clean them up, you will need to remove all the wheels and clean them separately and as thoroughly as possible. Once you clean the wheels, clean the suspension and steering as well.
  5. Once you are done with washing the car using the all-purpose cleaner, use a hose cleaner to rinse it off, and a low-pressure hose to clean the wheels and chassis. Note that to avoid taking on water during cleaning, make sure to cover the breather hole in the wheels.
  6. After you are done with rinsing, blow the water out of the car by using compressed air. If there is any leftover water, use a clean, dry rag to wipe it off, and ensure you dry the car as much as you can.
  7. After you finish drying off the car, you can spray a rust inhibitor (such as WD-40) on the metal parts and exposed bearings, like the drive cups. Arrange all the parts in a warm place and leave the car to complete drying for a few hours before reassembling it and putting it away.
  8. If you are only cleaning the body, you remove it from the chassis and spray it using an all-purpose cleaner, and use a brush to scrap away any debris or mud. However, you cannot use any brush – opt for a soft one to avoid scratching the surface. Use clean water to rinse the body, then allow it to dry.
  9. Once the body is completely dry, you can spray glass cleaner, and use a soft cloth to wipe it and restore the shine. Reinstall its wheels and mount it on the chassis to prepare for the next adventure.

Final thoughts

The steps we have aligned are the primary process you can follow in cleaning your Traxxas RC car. It is always important to keep your RC car clean to keep it functioning at its best, and we hope that the maintenance guide will help you to keep it at its best.

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