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Gift Ideas for 3.5 year old

Gift Ideas for 3.5 year old

Three years is the prime toddler age when your little one is very energetic, wants to explore, and discover new things around. At this time your child is very active and constantly on the move, that’s why you need to come up with fun and attention-grabbing gift ideas for 3.5 year old kids to keep your child occupied.

Special occasions like birthdays and holidays are a great time to give and share gifts with your kids and loved ones. As a parent, you need to know the right things to buy so that your child can be happy and satisfied. This is also a wonderful learning age where your child can easily absorb and remember information that is taught to him/her. Because of this, you must get gifts and toys that are physically engaging, help with mental skills, muscle coordination, and prepare your child for preschool.

How to evaluate gift ideas for 3.5 year old

It can be at times difficult when it comes to choosing the right gift for your child. However, knowing the right gift to buy is a skill you will need to learn because you will need it when shopping for your kids.

Toys that will grow with your child

You might have noticed that there are toys that you have bought for your child, but only played with them for a few days and forgot about them. To avoid this, look for toys that will be fun and your child can continue to play with during different stages in his development. For example, plastic animals, stuffed animals, trains, action figures, or vehicles are both fun for toddlers and older kids.

Toys that will spark your child’s imagination

When your child reaches 3.5 years, he’s naturally curious and more inclined to learn about the world around him which means your child will love to play outside more often. You will also find him playing with insects, mud, leaves, stones, and sand, and will participate more in active play and pretend play which will help build his problem-solving skills, language and literacy skills, and ability to put things in a logical order. Your child can use his muscles and this makes them stronger. Make sure that you buy toys that allow him to learn and explore the world and also use his imagination during playtime.

Toys that will help with his social development

Your child’s ability to play with other children is a very important social development milestone which means he can now share his toys and other playthings and cooperate when playing with his friends. At this age, he may also start to understand the importance of waiting for his turn. Through teamwork and sharing, your child will develop healthier and more beneficial social skills as your 3 year old starts to realize it’s more fun playing with his other siblings and friends instead of playing alone. This also gives him a sense of confidence to play with his friends and other kids away from you.

Through social play and social interaction, your 3.5 year old can expand his vocabulary and enhance his language and communication skills. At this age, your child can start to read somebody’s language and non-verbal cues that can help to enhance his communication skills. That’s why continuous interaction with other people and other kids is important to refine his understanding of both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Toys that will encourage problem-solving and exploration

Playing helps your child to practice new skills over and over again. Buying toys that will give your child the chance to figure things out on his own or with a little help will help to build his logical thinking skills and also help him in problem-solving. Your child also develops good hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and starts to understand how things fit together. Gift ideas like puzzles, blocks, clay, paint, or shape-sorters will make playtime interesting and engaging for your child.

Toys that strengthen his focus and concentration

A 3.5 year old is very quick at grasping simple things especially when they’re reinforced and this can boost his self-confidence and strengthen his focus and concentration when trying to accomplish simple activities. That’s why you should buy toys that are interesting and can capture the attention of your child for a long time. At this age, your child’s favorite question will be ‘why?’ and it can be quite frustrating because the whys will never end as he tries to learn and make sense of the world so you have to be very patient when answering his questions.

Toys that nurture cross-generational play

Although kids and adults can play with almost anything together, some toys are designed to encourage adult participation. Kids who are above 3 years old can play simple board games that may either involve using your memory or no reading at all. This is a fun game to play during the family game night which encourages counting, memory skills, matching, listening, and self-control where your kid has to follow the rules. This also nurtures relationship and language-building skills and also teaches your child how to gracefully win or lose.

Gift Ideas for 3.5 year old

Magformers basic set

This is a very unique gift for a 3.5 year old boy that will stimulate his creativity in different ways. Your child can build many geometric shapes and create 3D structures with ease. This toy uses magnetic technology to help create unique constructions that will stimulate your child’s imagination and help master color recognition. These 30 colorful geometric tiles are very easy to connect and they’re plenty of tiles that your kid can share with these friends. Your child can build houses and towers by combining, rolling, and pulling up the squares and triangle shapes. This is a high-quality and reliable product that is easy to set up, doesn’t leave a messy pile after play, and quick to clean up with a compact storage.

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Flybar pogo jumper

This is a great toy for jumping that your kids can jump on inside or outside and have healthy, bouncy fun. This toy is made of a durable foam pogo stick that makes squeaky sounds with every jump. This is a great way of keeping your kids active by exercising their small muscles and having fun. Your kids can learn gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and helps to improve balance. The bungee cord can be adjusted to suit the height of your child. This bungee jumper will easily get your kids off the sofa and into a fun bounce that will encourage fitness and healthy fun. It won’t scratch your floors so you don’t have to worry about having a floor full of ugly marks. This is a fun healthy alternative to TV screen time or the tablet.

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Color doddle drawing mat

This aqua magic drawing mat is a healthy, interactive, and educational toy that will help your kids in their overall development. This is a great water doddle mat that turns water into color which helps to develop your kid’s imagination, writing, and painting skills. The best part is you don’t have to worry about cleaning any mess after playtime is over. It’s portable so your kids can use it both outdoor and indoor. You just fill the magic pen with water and start drawing on the mat and after 3-10 minutes it disappears so your child can keep drawing on the mat over and over again.

This magical water painting pad allows your child to have fun with other siblings and friends and develop hand-eye coordination, color perception, and imagination. This educational toy comes with a drawing booklet that has a variety of patterns your kids can trace, a drawing template with letters, numbers, and shapes, and a little sea world jigsaw that will help your child exercise his creativity, hand-eye coordination, and color perception skills.

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Pretend play construction toolset

If your little boy loves to help his father around the house fixing things, this construction toolset will make a great toy gift. He can become a great handyman with his own authentic tool kit that contains 20 pieces of a battery-powered drill, safety goggles, hammer, tape measure, screwdriver, pliers, nails, nuts, bolts, ratchet, and a channel lock. All these come packed in a durable toolbox for easy storage. It allows your little boy to be active with a healthy outlet to release his energy while he’s fixing and hammering things.

Trying to emulate his dad in his pretend play helps to develop his inner self-esteem and creativity while allowing him quality bonding time and a sense of pride that he’s being helpful around the house. These toy has been tested and certified to be safe for your kids to play with and is made with quality materials that are durable and can withstand all the banging and hammering your child will put it through.

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At 3.5 years old, your child is very active and curious about the world around them and this is the best time for them to learn and retain a lot of information. That’s why it’s important to have some gift ideas for 3.5 year old to help them in their overall development.

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