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Educational toys for five year olds

Educational toys for five year olds

Kids are very impressionable and can easily absorb information. Having your kids play with educational toys for five year olds can stir up their curiosity and improve skills that he/she has already learned and added new ones that will help in your child’s overall development.

Educational toys are a fun way for your child to learn new things and hone any hidden talents. Getting an educational toy that is perfect for your kid’s age can be challenging especially during this crucial learning stage. Most parents usually are more attentive to their child’s mental development needs, but you forget that toys can help to stimulate your child mentally. At 5 years old, your child should be able to enjoy learning vocabulary, arithmetic, and logic so educational toys can help your child to develop motor and cognitive skills while still having fun.

How to choose educational toys for five year olds

Kids are instinctively attracted to toys because they help to fulfill your child’s need to use his imagination, pretend, share, and explore. Toys are not only fun but are also valuable tools to make your kid smart and also equip him with the needed skills as he grows to adulthood. The best toy is the one your child chooses because when he enjoys playing with the toy, it provides him with a better learning experience.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when selecting educational toys for five year olds.

Toys that match your child’s abilities and interests

For a toy to contribute to your child’s development, it has to be a toy that she’s interested in playing with. That’s why it’s important to buy toys and games that focus on what she loves. If your 5 years old like to build, you can buy her a set of alphabet blocks that will encourage her to learn letter and sound recognition. Also, keep in mind your kid’s age when selecting a toy for her as this will help you find the right toy that will suit her personality. This will help your child improve on her skills, learn new things, and encourage independent learning. A challenging toy is fun, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to a point it frustrates your child and she stops playing with it.

Toys that require imagination

These are open-ended toys like blocks, art and craft materials like clay, and building bricks that your child can use in a variety of ways. The best thing about such toys is that they grow with your child and they encourage STEM learning in a fun way. Your child can use these toys to come up with her own creations which develop creativity, language, and improves your child’s attention span.

Toys that encourage collaboration

Your child can gain a lot from one-to-one playtime, but toys can also help her to build important social skills. When your kid plays with her siblings or friends, she learns how to compromise, collaborate, and handle conflicts. However, some toys are easier to share than others, that’s why you must buy toys that your child can easily share with others and play happily together. Board games, puzzles, and builders are excellent toys that encourage cooperation and learn how to work together and solve problems as a group.

Toys that encourage imagination and provide an opportunity for pretend play

Pretend play is a very good way for your child to develop creativity, language, and literacy skills. When your child engages in pretend play, she builds new vocabulary as they take on different characters which put her in different situations. Play animals, blocks, cars, and other figures can encourage your child to a small zoo or a princess set where she can use her imagination to build her own castle.

Toys that encourage exploration of the real world

Toys that encourage your child to explore the world around her can stimulate her natural curiosity and her desire to learn. For example, a bug-catching kit or a set of binoculars will encourage your child to go out and discover which will prompt her to ask a lot of ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions which you can answer by reading books together. Science toys and experiment kits are also great toys for a future scientist.

A variety of toys to help learn a variety of skills

Look for a variety of toys that will benefit your child in many ways. Puzzles, construction sets and building blocks encourage manipulative play which helps your child develop hand-eye coordination and muscle control. Balls, bikes, and skipping ropes encourage physical activity and help your child utilize all the excess energy, build coordination and strength. Toy vehicles, puppets, toy animals, and props encourage dramatic play and help to recreate real-life help your child work out her own version of the real world. Card games, checkers, and chess helps your child to learn how to take turns, follow rules, plan, and cooperate with teammates and opponents.

Educational toys for five year olds

Leapfrog scribble and write tablet

This is a simple writing tablet that can help your child learn how to write by tracing the lights. This way your child can practice how to draw upper and lower case letters and numbers. Using the tracing tool provided, your child can trace the lights on the tablet and start to mimic actual writing from an early age. Your child can practice writing on her own and by the time she’s ready to start preschool, she will already know how to read and write numbers and letters.

It may not be very appealing to your child to use the normal pen and paper to learn how to write, so the tablet is a better alternative and one that is attractive to your kid to help her start learning. This tablet will help develop hand-eye coordination, grip, and hand muscles. This scribble and write tool encourage your child to learn handwriting through guidance and experimentation. Your child also learns letters sounds and guidance on how to correctly write the letters in a way that is engaging and interactive so your child learns at her own pace.

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Gili pop beads creative snap set

This is a jewelry fashion set that contains 500 pieces of beads with 15 unique shapes and 12 different colors that also include 7 bracelets and 12 rings. The beads easily snap together so you don’t need to use any strings and come with an easy to use the container for better storage. The different bead colors and shapes inspire your child to be creative and develop different skills like concentration, hand-eye coordination, colors, patterns, dexterity, and even math as she works on counting out the beads.

This can make an excellent group activity for your child and her friends and even a good bonding time for mother and daughter. Apart from being a fun activity for your kid and her friends, it’s also a nice way of learning and developing different skills.

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Educational insights design and drill activity center

This is a unique drill game that will help to teach your child many different skills at the same time. This drill set will inspire your 5 year old to use his imagination and develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as he drills the various bolts into the activity board using the drill. This set of 120 plastic bolts comes in a large design which makes it easier for your child to handle, screwdriver, reversible power drill with no 3 AA batteries, a wrench, and 2 drill bits. Your child will also learn math as he sorts and counts the colorful bolts and map out different designs on the sturdy activity board.

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Wooden activity cube deluxe

This 5 year old educational toy has several engaging activities that are fun and interactive. Your child will love the bead maze, alphabet and animal puzzle, counting beads, time recognition, ladybud maze, and roller bell. All these activities can help your child to develop hand-eye coordination, her concept of physical space, shapes, and colors, and improve her sense of touch and brain development. The 6 different activities have bright colors and gadgets that help to stimulate your child’s sensory stimulation and brain development.

Apart from being a great gift for your 5 year old child, it also helps to improve parent and child interaction and a fun way of interacting with your little one. The wooden box has smooth edges that will not hurt your child and is made with durable material and painted with water-based paint that isn’t toxic.

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Final thoughts

Your 5 year old child’s brain is at a stage where it’s growing fast and your job is to find educational toys for five year olds that are fun, engaging and will increase her knowledge. Although you want your child to start learning at an early age, don’t take the fun out of it. An educational toy is still a toy so let your child play and enjoy it. You can also join in the fun and make memories with your child.

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