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Best Baby Doll for 5-Year-Old

Buyers Guide for the Best Baby Doll for 5-Year-Old

Your little one is now probably in their first or second year of pre-school. It’s an exciting time full of interesting changes and developments in both your lives. You want to do something special for them just because you can and dolls have been on your mind. Only problem is, you are hell-bent on picking the best baby doll for your 5-year-old and there is too much to pick from and so little that you know.

Not anymore. Make use of our Buyers’ Guide to help you make the right pick. Happy shopping and good luck!

Comparison table for the Best Baby Doll for 5-Year-Old

Doll Name
Minimum Age
Check on Amazon
Baby Calin
18 months – 5 years
Baby Huggums
3 – 6 years
Adoption Baby
3 Years and up
Mine To Love Jenna
18 months and up
Berenguer Boutique
2 - 15 years
Dapper Dan
2 years and up
Magical Mixer
3 years and up
Lifelike Realistic
3 years and up
Bitty Baby
3 years and up
SuperHero Buddy
3 years and up
La Newborn Boutique
3 years and up

Best Baby Doll for 5-Year-Old – Comparison Overview

Baby Calin – Simply adorable

This pink baby doll is 12-inches and has the perfect size and weight for tiny vanilla scented hugs. Calin is a soft and squishy baby doll with a bean bag weight to help him sit and pose like a real baby. Your child will have many fun times carrying him around for almost all routines in his daily life. Whether its breakfast, play time or bedtime, your child might never let go of this cute baby. Bathing him will wash out his vanilla scent.


Calin comes dressed in pink soft pajamas, a matching binkie, which are removable, and a white overall underneath. His limbs are movable and when you lay him down, he closes his eyes just like a real baby.

Sadly, Calin doesn’t have any accessories and to increase the level and time of engagement for your child, mom and dad might have to buy more clothes and maybe even a stroller. This is made up for by its durable synthetic material that is surface washable and designed to last and withstand the wear and tear associated with toddler play.


  • Super cute and soft pink pastel baby doll
  • Removable outfit
  • Vanilla scented and bean bag weighted


  • Perfect weight and size for little hands
  • Surface washable
  • Easy to prop and carry along


  • Hair painted on
  • Not great for bath time


If you are looking for a simple yet perfect baby doll for your toddler and you don’t need extra accessories to increase play, look no further than Baby Calin.

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Baby Huggums – Perfect for snuggles

At 11 inches tall, this doll is created bearing in mind a lot of hugs, kisses and lots of cuddles. Clad in a soft one-piece pink cotton pajama set, this baby doll is sure to be the highlight of your child’s life. It’s beautiful blue eyes open and shut when picked up or put down.


Baby Huggums are so huggable that even their hands are soft and they squeak when you squeeze them a bit too tight. If it gets into a terrible mess, you can pop it into the washing machine covered in a pillow and with same colored garments.

They are also perfect for photographs as they have a bean bag weight that helps them sit and hold a pose. Their face is super cute as well.


  • Pink vinyl head, soft body baby doll
  • Eyes open and close
  • One pink cotton pajama


  • Surface washable
  • Perfect weight for toddlers
  • High quality


  • Need to buy extra accessories


Baby Huggums is really soft and cuddly. Get it for your sensitive young ones who like to touch and feel on things. This doll provides the ultimate comfort.

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Adoption Baby – Can we take it home?

At 16-inches, this doll is the most fun yet. It comes with a load of accessories that will enrich every moment of engagement with your child. Plus, its eyes open and shut increasing its desirability.

Focused on the concept of bringing a new born baby home, Adoption baby has a birth certificate, hospital bracelet tag, microfiber blanket, pacifier and even a cradle in which to sleep.

The diaper is for pretend play as this baby doll cannot drink or pee. Toddlers might ask for more accessories but before they do, those provided will keep them very preoccupied. They also come in four different hair colors and outfits. There is baby Hope, Cherish, Precious and Joy.


  • Soft Vinyl baby doll
  • Realistic facial features
  • Weighted bean bag bottom


  • Tons of accessories
  • Baby scented
  • Can sit and hold a pose


  • Not interactive


Cute doll to look at and easy to carry around for your toddler. This doll is low maintenance with moms needing only to surface wash it.

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Mine To Love Jenna – a love that never ends

12- inch baby doll with a sweet face that will have your toddler smitten. Added to the fact that she can open and shut her eyes, this doll can also suck her thumb when its propped into her tiny little mouth.


She comes clad in a pink romper with a matching cap and your little one will have fun changing the doll’s outfit. Accessories are the pacifier but there is a collection of baby doll products that one can buy online if interested to expand wardrobe.


  • Cute vinyl doll with movable limbs
  • Pacifier Accessory
  • One-piece romper


  • Movable limbs
  • Size and weight perfect
  • Sucks thumb


  • Accessories sold separately
  • Contains small parts needs adult supervision


This doll is super cute and very durable. Guaranteed to grow with your child over the years.

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Berenguer Boutique – hello baby

15-inch soft baby doll that can open and shut eyes and made of vinyl. This baby is not short of accessories and comes with a pacifier, rattle, baby bottle, feeding try, spoon and knife, shoes, a primary outfit and one extra!


Mothers worried about their toddlers’ acceptance of a new baby will find that Berenguer Boutique baby doll gives your child the opportunity to practice nurturing skills as she pretends to play mommy.

It even comes with a feeding set that will excite and encourage your kid to look forward to meal times as he can feed the doll too.

The doll is also weighted giving it a real baby feeling when held. Also good for hugs though its head is a bit hard.


  • Vinyl Soft baby doll
  • Accessories – pacifier, bottle, extra outfit.


  • Extra outfit available
  • Soft body feels life-like
  • Surface washable


  • Not machine washable
  • Unscented vinyl
  • Tiny parts- needs supervision


That this doll has extra accessories and an outfit, we are already sold on it!

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Lots to Cuddle Twins – good things come in twos

These twin babies are super adorable with their blue and brown eyes. They also come in different ethnicities which is really cool! They are 13-inches tall with vinyl head, hands and feet which look realistic and great for playtime.

The dolls outfits are machine washable but the baby dolls are spot-washed by using a clean cloth, warm water and soap.

They have really soft bodies that are quite huggable and therapeutic.


  • Twin baby dolls with matching outfits.
  • Accessories are pacifiers


  • Removable and washable outfits
  • 2 dolls increase variety for play


  • Need to buy extra accessories
  • Babies not machine washable


As they are a pair, these dolls are too adorable to bypass. Your child will be completely head over heels for them.

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Dapper Dan – Classic Dress-up doll to teach grooming

This amazing doll will be a time saver for mothers who are trying to train their young preschoolers on quick preparation and good grooming. A luxurious doll, no doubt, Dapper Dan is easy to maintain and very convenient in size and accessories for fast take-aways.

A big trait of this doll is its cool color ranges and really soft and cushion-like material that your little one will hardly want to leave it behind.

Designed with 5 different fasteners, your son will love playing dress-up and this might boost his confidence in a big way! While buttoning up, zipping up and clipping the doll onto bags or handles he is exercising hand-eye coordination and perfecting motor skills. It’s a great distraction, effective comfort doll and efficient for both mom and son.


  • Buckles, Zips, Fasteners
  • Clip for easy carry-on
  • Machine washable material


  • Machine-washable
  • Versatile Doll for home, school and play
  • Outfit stays on


  • Requires hand support to stand
  • Frizzy hair- Keep cap on.


This is the doll of choice for any working mother who appreciates class and is big on time management.

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Magical Mixer Baby Doll – Perfect playdate mate

With some variation like Tropical Treat, Strawberry Shake or Berry Shake, the magical Mixer baby doll will light up your child’s face and totally keep her occupied. This doll like to eat and drink and comes with its special flavored baby food packed in tiny sachets.

Before Magical Mixer can eat, your daughter can give her a bath making sure to have a tiny shower cap on to protect the delicate baby doll hair.

Making food for the doll will be easy because she comes with a working blender and a feeding spoon and bottle. You will need to ensure that the doll is well hydrated to flush out the meal.

After these heavy meals, the baby doll will pee and poop in its diaper and your toddler will have a great time learning about diaper change.


  • Adorable and versatile cute baby alive doll
  • Blender, soon, bottle, hair comb, two diapers and two sachets of powdered doll food
  • Great hair that can be combed and styled


  • Variety of ethnic choices
  • Easy to carry for 3-year-old
  • Safe and suitable for all toddlers


  • Hard face
  • Need to buy more outfits
  • Doesn’t speak or make sounds


There is literally nothing you can’t do with this doll but to expand these options, moms and dads will have to dig a little deeper into their pocket to buy extra accessories to make the doll experience truly magical.

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Lifelike Realistic – almost the real thing

At 19-inches and with a weighted cloth body, this is the best doll for toddlers as they can carry it everywhere and play mom every time! Handcrafted with great attention to detail, this baby has wrinkles on her hands and luscious eyelashes.

Due to its ¾ vinyl body, the baby doll can sit down and pose like a real baby which will win over the photographic family!

Accessories that accompany this baby doll are simply fantastic and we cannot get enough of them. From a onesie to a jacket, from a bib to a giraffe stuffed buddy.


  • 19-inch lifelike vinyl doll
  • Great accessories – change of clothes and a stuffed animal friend
  • Almost real baby weight


  • Removable clothes with various options
  • No batteries needed
  • Great quality doll


  • Not interactive
  • Needs extra accessories
  • Pacifier doesn’t fit in dolls mouth


As Lifelike Realistic as this doll is, it only comes in one color. We love that its versatile in accessories and that it is properly weighted and that it comes with a stuffed giraffe.

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SuperHero Buddy – Action and adventure packed

With this doll, your toddler will have a fun and emotionally powerful playmate. Designed to stretch your son’s imagination, he will absolutely be smitten with his new buddy.

SuperHero Buddy specifically has a strong character with his mask and flowing superhero cape. The extra matching cape and mask is designed to fit your toddler and to foster a sense of tag-team spirit. You can be certain you will be a part of all the super hero missions your son will be on.

Besides the fact that Buddy has a superhero costume that is removable and washable, there are other occupational too like Builder and Explorer sets that a mom might need to buy for the sake of expanding your son’s imaginative capacity.

What’s more, the doll comes in different nationalities and this greatly expands the choices available and also inclusively considers all the races in the world. There’s Will, Marco, James among others so take your pick.


  • Matching cape and mask for your toddler
  • 15-inch doll with huggable body
  • 1st Boy Doll to win an award


  • Combines perspectives – strong character with a soft body
  • Designed specifically for boys
  • Choice of varied occupations and nationalities


  • Hard head
  • Need to buy outfits to change
  • Not washable


Superhero Buddy is clearly a well thought out and carefully crafted baby doll especially for boys. This doll has us sold on so many levels but the inclusivity of different cultures takes the biscuit! It’s everyone’s buddy!

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La Newborn Boutique – I won’t put you down

La Newborn Boutique recreates the experience of bringing in a newborn into a home. Its durability is unmatched by any of the other dolls on this list. The vinyl material stays new for longer.

The doll boasts of anatomically correct design and this will open up new topics that can be a learning experience for mom and son alike.

Flexibility is obvious in the dolls moving parts making undressing and undressing much easier and fun to do.


  • 14-inch anatomically correct doll
  • Vinyl body with movable limbs
  • Designed to have realistic expressions


  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Jointed moving parts, arms legs, neck


  • Additional costumes bought separately
  • Blue color of doll not ideal for most


La Newborn Boutique has many moms feeling like a new mom again as they watch their toddlers nurture their baby doll. This is the doll of choice especially for mothers who are about to welcome another baby.

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Between Baby Calin and Lots to Cuddle Twins, we cannot make up our minds on which to pick. They are both great picks for a 5-year-old. If we really had to pick one it would be Baby Calin! He is so adorable and we love how simple and comprehensive his package is. Whether for a boy or girl, Baby Calin is sure to light up any toddler’s face and to keep them engaged for hours on end.

We love it when our moms can catch a long break!

Before you head out to pick one, think through these few things that will greatly improve your baby doll experience if considered. Enjoy!

5 Things to Look for in a Doll


This is an especially important factor when it comes to life-like baby dolls. Most manufacturing companies aim to produce baby dolls that are truly realistic. As much as this is impressive, the implications in size go without saying and one should be cautious to pick a doll that is the perfect shape, weight and height for your toddler.

Unique Characteristics

It’s important for your son to connect with his doll. Does the doll portray traits similar or completely different from your son? Does this characteristic matter? A doll is meant to be a companion for your little one. Children love to relate to their stuff and buying a doll that either looks or dresses like your toddler is plus. Alternatively, you could just ask them to pick one out for themselves.

Ability to Sit or Stand?

The essential purpose of a doll is for your child to do everything and go everywhere with it as a companion. He will want to make it do all the things he can and, in the event, that the doll is unable to, disappointment kicks in. A doll’s ability to sit or stand on its own is a much sought-after quality.

Washable or not

As kids are extremely experimental and moms are absolutely clean conscious, a perfect doll should be washable. This can be done either by popping it into the drycleaner or simply by using warm water, soap and a cloth. Of course, dolls are more flexible if they can get wet and dry with no significant damage to their overall appearance.


Accessories are a great way to increase the variety of play options available to your child. However, dolls are already expensive enough and to have to purchase any added accessories is not a welcome idea. It is then important to decide on whether to buy extra accessories or to buy a simple doll with basic accessories.

The significance of doll play

Social Skills Development

When your little one picks up the doll to care for it in one way or another, they are essentially learning to be hospitable and caring. These skills manifest into a communicative individual who is able to empathize and coexist with others.


Role playing as mom or dad instills a sense of authority in them and they are able to grasp the issues that face their parents in raising them. They will begin to show traits of duty and a sense of obligation will engulf them. Very impressive to watch for parents.


Coming up with the unending twists and turns to their elaborate and somewhat detailed plan of play really exercises their little brains. Your little one will grow up to be a quick solution giver in the face of any challenge because he had a lot of practice while young.

Language and understanding

Playing with dolls is a social affair and as your toddler interacts with different kids, they are able to pick up on routines that are familiar to them and those that are a little foreign. This helps them understand better the world they live in and to some degree, how it works.

Final thoughts

Most dolls operate and are maintained pretty much the same way. What is undeniable is the effect they have over you, your child and the community of doll lovers around you. We find that it is important, especially for sensitive or high energy toddlers, to introduce dolls as an alternative to their usual play. They may be small but they sure are powerful!

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