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best Doll for Toddler Boy

A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Doll for Toddler Boy

What do you mean boys can’t have dolls? Of course, they can. In fact, they should!

Dolls are a perfect form of play and personal development for little growing minds. Boys especially have very strong emotion and high energy. The best doll for a toddler boy will be a much-needed companion that can be counted on when mommy and daddy are not around. Dolls make kids feel safe and their cuddly and huggable designs help your boy child release any negative emotions.

It’s time to make up your mind about that doll he’s been nagging you about and we’ve got the perfect collection for you to choose from.

Comparison table for the Best Doll for Toddler Boy

Doll Name
Child’s Minimum Age
Weight of Doll (lbs)
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Dapper Dan
2 Years
Bear Boy Reborn Baby
3 Years
Finn Reborn Baby
3 Years
Little Prince
1 Year
Will- SuperHero Buddy
3 Years
18 Months
Baby Stella Boy
1 Year
La Newborn Boutique
3 Years
Groovy Boys Logan Doll
3 Years
Interactive Baby Doll
2 Years

Best Doll for Toddler Boy – Comparison overview

Dapper Dan – Classic Dress-up doll to teach grooming

This amazing doll will be a time saver for mothers who are trying to train their young preschoolers on quick preparation and good grooming. A luxurious doll, no doubt, Dapper Dan is easy to maintain and very convenient in size and accessories for fast take-aways.

A big trait of this doll is its cool color ranges and really soft and cushion-like material that your little one will hardly want to leave it behind.

Designed with 5 different fasteners, your son will love playing dress-up and this might boost his confidence in a big way! While buttoning up, zipping up and clipping the doll onto bags or handles he is exercising hand-eye coordination and perfecting motor skills. It’s a great distraction, effective comfort doll and efficient for both mom and son.


  • Buckles, Zips, Fasteners
  • Clip for easy carry-on
  • Machine washable material


  • Machine-washable
  • Versatile Doll for home, school and play
  • Outfit stays on


  • Requires hand support to stand
  • Frizzy hair- Keep cap on.


This is the doll of choice for any working mother who appreciates class and is big on time management.

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Bear Boy Reborn Baby – Perfect Comfort Doll

A lifelike collection of Reborn baby dolls and Bear Boy is one of them. This doll is 22 inches long from head to toe and can comfortably fit into a 2-months old baby’s clothes. Thankfully you won’t have to splurge for that as costumes is one of the features of this cool baby doll.

Bear Boy’s shoulders are made of soft cloth and its limbs are movable. Gender consciousness is a big deal and this baby has none. Making it desirable across the board.

Inside the package includes, among other things, a Birth Certificate, a Service Card, a pacifier and a baby bottle. It also has a bear attached to the baby doll and this makes it the ideal comfort doll for your male toddler.


  • Small wardrobe of baby costumes
  • Teddy Bear, Pacifier and baby bottle
  • Silicone material that looks and feels real


  • Life-like baby can sit and lie down
  • A variety of accessories
  • Handmade designs on eyebrows and painted lips


  • Eyes can’t blink
  • Doll cant’s stand or be washed
  • A bit too bulky to carry around


For those highly imaginative kids and moms who would like to recreate a real-life baby’s experience, this is the perfect doll.

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Finn Reborn Baby – Best for variety

Finn who is a 17-inch realistic hand-crafted baby doll comes with nine different accessories that will surely keep your son busy for a long time. This doll boasts of high quality and perfect size and weight for a young boy.

Some older generation doll collectors might love Finn because of his intricate handmade designs. There is a chance of disappointment though as this is a stuffed doll not weighted which gives it a different feeling.


  • Realistic hand-crafted gorgeous baby doll
  • Gift of Sparky the dog
  • Carry cot with changing set


  • Tons of accessories to play with
  • Life-like doll
  • Handmade design


  • Too bulky to carry
  • Not Machine washable
  • Doesn’t last long


This doll is a bit too cumbersome for the mothers to maintain and for kids to carry around. It also needs extreme care when handling or else it will fall apart quick. All in all, if you sign up for that, this doll will make everyone happy. Both young and old.

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Little Prince – 1st baby doll must-have

This award-winning adorable doll from PlayTime has not left anything to chance. At 13-inches long, the doll has a weight close to that of a real baby. Little Prince provides the perfect prop for baby demos for training mothers and toddlers.

This doll is made of vinyl and gives a soft-to-touch plush feeling. We love that it is free of toxins and that makes its safe for the 12-month-old toddler boy.

Clearly this doll is built to last a while and promises to be his number one companion. Whether for potty training or role-playing, this is the doll for it.


  • Baby bottle and sleeper outfit
  • Weighted bottom for sitting
  • Handmade Little Prince Doll


  • Can suck thumb
  • Eyes open and close
  • Machine washable


  • Medium range fabric material
  • Painted on hair
  • Strong scented perfume


Little Prince no doubt has won us over with his thumb-sucking techniques and his blinking eyes. The only drawback is in the material used for his outfits, it frays a bit too quickly which will be disappointing for you and your little one.

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SuperHero Buddy – Action and adventure packed

With this doll, your toddler will have a fun and emotionally powerful playmate. Designed to stretch your son’s imagination, he will absolutely be smitten with his new buddy.

SuperHero Buddy specifically has a strong character with his mask and flowing superhero cape. The extra matching cape and mask is designed to fit your toddler and to foster a sense of tag-team spirit. You can be certain you will be a part of all the super hero missions your son will be on.

Besides the fact that Buddy has a superhero costume that is removable and washable, there are other occupational too like Builder and Explorer sets that a mom might need to buy for the sake of expanding your son’s imaginative capacity.

What’s more, the doll comes in different nationalities and this greatly expands the choices available and also inclusively considers all the races in the world. There’s Will, Marco, James among others so take your pick.


  • Matching cape and mask for your toddler
  • 15-inch doll with huggable body
  • 1st Boy Doll to win an award


  • Combines perspectives – strong character with a soft body
  • Designed specifically for boys
  • Choice of varied occupations and nationalities


  • Hard head
  • Need to buy outfits to change
  • Not washable


Superhero Buddy is clearly a well thought out and carefully crafted baby doll especially for boys. This doll has us sold on so many levels but the inclusivity of different cultures takes the biscuit! It’s everyone’s buddy!

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Graham – A new best friend

Graham is a 12-inch beautifully embroidered doll who seems to have everything in place. His clothes come off easily and his hair does not need a brush or comb. Regardless of his tiny size and weight, he can sit on his own with the bean-bag weight.

He has a pale colored skin with dark brown chenille hair that needs no combing. His clothes and shoes are easily removable and he is a tested and proven safe doll for toddlers 18-months and up to play with.

Graham can be machine washed on cold but never tumble dry. Fabian and Stephen are other boy dolls in this collection but with all different looks and clothes.

These dolls are perfect for gifting kids, mothers and adult doll lovers!


  • 12-inch embroidered doll
  • Bean-bag bottom
  • Chenille hair


  • Machine washable
  • Removable clothes and shoes
  • Great weight and size


  • Hair might be a bit weak
  • Additional costumes sold separately


We love how different this doll is from the rest on this list. Coupled with the easy maintenance and the light-weight, this is a perfect best buy for your toddler boy.

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Baby Fella – Super cute magnet doll

This doll is easy to maintain and take around for your little boy. If you have a naturally caring and nurturing toddler, he is sure to be smitten with his new buddy.

Watch him as he repeatedly pops the pacifier on and off the doll’s face. Despite its 12-inch size, Fella is incredibly huggable and your son will love that. He also has life-like appearance to him which makes him even more adorable.

Fella comes with a carrier and his outfits are easily changeable. Sadly, Fella can only be cleaned on the surface and not machine washed.


  • Embroidered boy doll
  • Magnetic pacifier and removable diaper
  • Baby carrier


  • Lightweight material
  • Surface Washable
  • Removable clothing


  • Additional costumes bought separately
  • Not highly durable
  • Magnetic pacifier might discolor doll or be hazardous


Baby Fella takes it up a notch with the magnetic pacifier. You need to keep an eye on it because it could lead to doll discoloration when had on for too long or toddler choking hazards. Other than that, we are definitely in love with its babyish face and bright colors. We think your son will too.

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La Newborn Boutique – I won’t put you down

La Newborn Boutique recreates the experience of bringing in a newborn into a home. Its durability is unmatched by any of the other dolls on this list. The vinyl material stays new for longer.

The doll boasts of anatomically correct design and this will open up new topics that can be a learning experience for mom and son alike.

Flexibility is obvious in the dolls moving parts making undressing and undressing much easier and fun to do.


  • 14-inch anatomically correct doll
  • Vinyl body with movable limbs
  • Designed to have realistic expressions


  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Jointed moving parts, arms legs, neck


  • Additional costumes bought separately
  • Blue color of doll not ideal for most


La Newborn Boutique has many moms feeling like a new mom again as they watch their toddlers nurture their baby doll. This is the doll of choice especially for mothers who are about to welcome another baby.

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Groovy Boys Logan Doll – It’s Party Time

Groovy Boys are all about the good times. Clad in denim and suspenders, this is the ultimate doll for your outdoorsy, fashion-forward and fun-loving munchkin.

We love the smiley face sewn into this embroidered doll’s cute face. His hair looks great but because it’s made of yarn, it comes apart easily if yanked or tugged on.


  • Embroidered 13-inch doll
  • Hair made of yarn


  • Good weight and size for small hands
  • Washable


  • Additional costumes bought separately
  • Not highly durable
  • Clothing not removable


Groovy Boy Logan is a more grown up toy unlike Baby Stella or Fella. It is missing the magnetic pacifier and for this, we believe it is a great buy for your savvy little one.

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Interactive Baby Doll – It talks!

This miniature sized baby doll is the most unique in our list as it has incorporated robotics technology to create a life-like baby who can talk, laugh, has facial expressions and even responds to touch!

With antics like peek-a-boo, calling out “mama”, burping after “eating”, to giggling when tickled, it will be hard to tear your son away from his new talking friend. That the doll can perform all this with 4C batteries is amazing.

Batteries are needed to power this doll on but you have to purchase those separately which will significantly cost you more.

Only drawback would be the possible glitches it could be subject to and these would require you to switch it off and keep it away after lights off to avoid a fright. Also, the high interactions could distort a baby’s routine and would need to be kept at bay when it’s bedtime.


  • One outfit
  • Robotic Baby Doll
  • Accessories (bottle, pacifier, spoon)


  • Responsive and highly interactive doll
  • Robotics Technology


  • Required batteries not included
  • Used indoors only
  • Easy damage when in contact with dirt or liquid


A simply brilliant product that will increase your child’s speaking skills and responses. Apart from the normal glitches that are associated to most electronic products, the interactive baby doll is a worthwhile buy.

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Our Recommendation

With all the options available to boys, our top selection remains Dapper Dan because his outfit is versatile with all those fasteners and he is so light and convenient for any and all occasions. This is the best always-on-call buddy for your toddler son. He has to love it!

5 Things to Look for in a Doll


This is an especially important factor when it comes to life-like baby dolls. Most manufacturing companies aim to produce baby dolls that are truly realistic. As much as this is impressive, the implications in size go without saying and one should be cautious to pick a doll that is the perfect shape, weight and height for your toddler.

Unique Characteristics

It’s important for your son to connect with his doll. Does the doll portray traits similar or completely different from your son? Does this characteristic matter? A doll is meant to be a companion for your little one. Children love to relate to their stuff and buying a doll that either looks or dresses like your toddler is plus. Alternatively, you could just ask them to pick one out for themselves.

Ability to Sit or Stand?

The essential purpose of a doll is for your child to do everything and go everywhere with it as a companion. He will want to make it do all the things he can and in the even that the doll is unable to, disappointment kicks in. A doll’s ability to sit or stand on its own is a much sought-after quality.

Washable or not

As kids are extremely experimental and moms are absolutely clean conscious, a perfect doll should be washable. This can be done either by popping it into the drycleaner or simply by using warm water, soap and a cloth. Of course, dolls are more flexible if they can get wet and dry with no significant damage to their overall appearance.


Accessories are a great way to increase the variety of play options available to your child. However, dolls are already expensive enough and to have to purchase any added accessories is not a welcome idea. It is then important to decide on whether to buy extra accessories or to buy a simple doll with basic accessories.

Dolls for Boys: A controversial Topic

Dolls for boys is still a pretty controversial issue among most parents. There are those who feel that boys should stick to the traditional toys like planes, trains, cars and balls. However, the world has continued to break norms and it is no different with dolls.

Doll making companies have become increasingly innovative in their concepts and ideas making impressive executions and pushing back the opinions of the nay-sayers.

Based on the current trends, this is set to be one of the biggest up and coming industries that can only grow over time. It’s an exciting time to be born a boy in these ages.

Here’s why you should let your boy play with dolls

Provides alternative

Most boys’ toys traditionally are created to portray strength and aggression the reverse is true for girls whose toys are mostly snuggly and aimed towards emotional development. Here is where the argument that seeks to make all dolls gender acceptable stems from. Psychologists feel it is necessary to have a healthy balance of both traits for a more holistic human.

Changing Consciousness

A short while ago, girls were not allowed to play with boys’ toys. Now, with all the feminist activism that has moved the global community and the enrollment and recognition of women in science programs, girls who are seen to exhibit a little bit of masculine characteristic are considered progressive. The same is not true for boys.

Boys have strong emotions too

Any mother will tell you that when they are kids, it’s really almost impossible to tell them apart because the boys and the girls play so well together. They seem to enjoy some similar activities. This changes only when they get into preschool where they are taught of their distinct differences. Most of the time, a boy’s emotions will be dismissed over a girl’s and this is definitely not good for their psyche. It is then important to provide a cuddly buddy for your little man especially for times such as these.

They are fun and informative

If for no other reason, get your boy a doll such as the Dapper Dan which will engage him on important life skills like dressing and personal grooming. This improves your child’s social skills, increases his interaction with you and helps him get comfortable with self-play.

Imagination boosters

Dolls transport a child’s mind to creative spaces where they can be whoever they want to be at any given time. While they are at it, it seems quite futile and wasteful but when they are older, those memories are forever cherished and they realize how much that doll impacted their every-day life. Plus, while he is busy in his own world, mom can sit, back and relax or finally get around to working one important project or another! It’s a win-win.

To sum it all up

Every single child is different and whether a boy or a girl, they need mostly the same things to ensure security in their little lives. Dolls are able to provide this comfort effortlessly and as we have seen, their significance in later years is greatly appreciated. Get one for him today!

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