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Best Baby Doll for 7-Year-Old

A Buyers’ Guide for Best Learning Devices For 5-Year-OldTab

At this age, your little one is not so little anymore and they have grown into their own kind of person. After years of watching cartoons and reading fairytale and adventure books, your child now has some strong opinions and these will reflect in the type of doll they would go for.

As the awesome parent, sibling or grandparent you are, you know your little one better than anyone. You have an idea of the best baby doll for your 7-year-old and just need a push in the right direction.

This is it.

Here is a comparison table  for the Best Learning Devices For 5-Year-Old

Weight (lbs)
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My Life As School Boy
5 and up
Sparkle Doll
6-10 years
Hair Goals
6-13 years
Lils Winter Disco
6-10 years
Candylicious Fashion
6-8 years
Glitter Globe
6-10 years
Hair Vibes
6-8 years
Barbie Travel Set With Puppy
3-7 years
Great Scarrier Reef Twins
6-15 years
Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet
3-8 years
Tyler Boy
3-10 years

 Best Learning Devices For 5-Year-Old Comparison overview

My Life As School Boy – All-time favorite buddy

This boy doll will appeal to almost if not all boys aged 7 years. First because of his general appearance of a neatly clad boy with glasses that are removable and luscious curly hair.

Kids will love the school going experience because they can bring along their little buddy for motivation and encouragement in life’s many challenging moments.

His clothes are removable and he is not afraid of a little water. We love that he is so easy to maintain. You can play with his wildly curly hair and he is quite posable. You can lift his arms, sit him down and even turn his head.

We love this collection because they created girls’ dolls too and every one can have fun buying and collecting these super cute dolls.


  • 18-inch doll clad in one outfit
  • Removable clothing
  • Posable fairly flexible doll


  • Variety to choose from
  • Both boys and girls
  • Easy to carry


  • Not vinyl
  • Rigid sitting
  • Might need extra clothing


If your child loves it just as it is, (which they probably will!) this doll will be a well-kept companion and you won’t have to worry about taking care of it. You’re even lucky if you get to touch it. They really love it!

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Sparkle Doll

These are a variety of different dressed and colored dolls that fall under the Sparkle Series. That gives us more to work with. The dolls are clad in sparkly outfits with glitter in their hair. They are simply adorable to look at!

As they come in different ethnicities, hair colors and shiny outfits, it is a good idea to consider budgeting for all three variations of the Sparkle Doll. Think of it as getting three times the joy.

They come accessorized quite adequately with a bottle, shoes, one outfit, a secret message and stickers that are meant to decorate the beautiful globe they come packaged in.

These babies are totally water friendly and they even change color if you feed them water or take them out for a dip!

Enjoy the view of your kids bonding over the many missions they will get off to with these eye-catching dolls. When they are done, you can put them somewhere on high for display and safety purposes.

Sparkle dolls are a great collection to buy for all those doll collectors out there. They have 12 differently styled dolls and of both genders to pick from.


  • Cute sparkly wrapping and packaging
  • Color changing Sparkle Doll
  • Accessories


  • For both boys and girls
  • Water friendly
  • Collectible


  • Boy dolls anatomically correct


These dolls are pretty versatile and very sparkly. We could hardly find any negative reviews on them. A sure buy.

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Hair Goals – hair is everything!

Part of the Makeover Series, this out-of-this-world cute collectible doll is our ultimate little-hair-stylist’s best friend. It also comes wrapped in a very innovative package which is a hairspray can that can later transform into a doll stand, display case, purse, dressing room or salon chair! It doesn’t get any better than that for our posh little ones.

They come accessorized with a barrette, comb, outfit, hair curlers, 2 glittery hair pieces and very luscious and style able hair. These dolls also color change when submerged in water.


  • Globe case that can transform
  • Sparkle doll with one outfit and colorful hair
  • Accessories


  • Variety to choose from
  • Really cute dolls
  • Water friendly


  • Not all dolls have hair


Hair Goals is a great selection from the Makeover Series which features 10 different characters, we think it’s worth checking out.

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Lils Winter Disco – Let’s boogie

Lils presents dolls in two different globe capsules that both hold surprise dolls. You might get a Lils boy, Lils girl or Lils pet character. Most commonly, you will get a boy or girl and a pet. This combination is widely appreciated and expected.

They are collectible as they come in different styles and fashion. The dolls might come wrapped in fur which you will need to wash off to reveal your doll. That means the dolls are okay with water and they do change color when in it.

Lils boast of 5 exciting surprises and a sample of stickers which can be used to decorate their globe capsule.


  • 2 Collectible Lils dolls
  • Accessories for play
  • Globe capsule packaging


  • Washable
  • Transformative packaging
  • Color changing dolls


  • Poor quality


Winter Disco collection might not be very long lasting but they are really effective when they are still operational. They are exciting and engaging for your little one.

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Candylicious Fashion – simply delightful

Designed to fulfill the desires of every little fashion queen out there, Candilicious comes well prepared to occupy your child’s mind with wild imaginations. They come in for variations and their stunning faces and great fashion sense is hard to miss.

Candilicious comes with a closet full of fun garments to keep her fashion game always at the top. From a hat, sunglasses, a purse, shoes, bag, shoebox, and a reusable playset, there is no limit to what is possible with this fashion icon of a doll.

The quality packaging used is very responsible and can be reused as a dressing room, doll stand, closet or runway. She has really cool jewelry too.

She is also very photogenic and pose ready with every turn of the camera. Her arms are removable to help with quick dressing in short time.

This multicolor doll is made of quality pastel and promises about 20 more surprises for you and your little one to discover. Our interest is piqued! Buy her today to find out.


  • 9” multicolor doll
  • Reusable package
  • Cool accessories


  • Multicolor versatile doll
  • Great poses
  • Transformer packaging


  • Clothes a bit cheap


We love this doll for all little fashionistas. It’s a must have. The choice of dresses and shoes and generally all her accessories, Candilicous is sure to be a quick favorite.

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Glitter Globe – A world of fun

Another of the Winter Disco Series, Glitter Globe doll will light up your life, quite literally. The package is a crystal shaped ball that is great for display. Shaking or overturning the globe creates a breathtaking snow globe effect and a splitting color change.

With actions such as feeding or bathing the doll, it will reveal its glitter hair which is very exciting for your young one. I can’t think of any child who wouldn’t love to see that.

Also loved by collectors, this doll comes in various styles and fashion that would be a great consideration to make if you have the money.


  • Glitter Doll with color changing abilities
  • Accessories
  • Quality reusable packaging


  • Really cute doll
  • Water safe
  • Great for a gift


  • One outfit


Glitter globe will be a great piece for displays when your child is away and she will draw a lot of attention wherever she goes. She is bound to be very well taken care of.

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Hair Vibes – It’s all in the hair

This doll that features on our list is also a hairstyles guru and between Hair Goals and Vibes, we still haven’t made our minds up yet.

Hair Vibes comes in an impressive globe capsule that transforms into a salon chair, doll stand, display case and purse. That not all, she has the most gorgeous hair of this lot and has many choices of hair pieces to pick from.

Hair comes in different set styles as well. Such as pigtails, curls, crimped waves and fab updo. She also has 3 real hair pieces and 4 plastic hair pieces to change up her look quick. This hair is also delicate and needs to be head wrapped and have a plastic wig on before you can take her for a color-changing dip.

She has many accessories varying from a bottle, comb, hair pieces, outfit, shoes, wig pieces and hair wrap.

They are collectibles too as they have 12 different characters that you can pick out off to add to your collection. This will allow you to mix and match their different outfits and hair styles.


  • Cute collectible dolls
  • Fun Accessories
  • Transformative packaging


  • Easy to maintain
  • Fun alternatives of play
  • Multiple outfits


  • Can’t wash hair


A very versatile choice for a doll and this will keep your little one engaged for hours on end making as many wardrobe changes as possible. You will get to add the final look to your display.

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Barbie Travel Set with Puppy – Let’s take a trip

Barbie provides the ultimate travel experience in this set up that promises to expand your 7-year-old’s imagination. She shows up ready to travel in her denim dress and comfortable shoes and of course sunglasses. She has very realistic travel accessories with her as well. From a cell phone, headphones, neck pillow and eye mask, you can tell she is already out the door.

Her pick suitcase opens and closes and you can throw in all her travel essentials in it. It has a collapsible handle and decorative stickers which you can use to tell stories of all the travels she has been on.

This is an ideal doll for all explorers and for families who travel a lot. To enrich the experience parents could buy some more accessories like a doll plane and more characters to help build a beautiful story.


  • Barbie doll with little puppy
  • 10 or more Accessories


  • Movable limbs
  • Variety of fun
  • Quality doll


  • Outfit not removable
  • Need more accessories


This is another winner Barbie doll. Being a reputable brand name and having such a cool niche to provide for, we are totally smitten. All aboard!

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Great Scarrier Reef Twins – Terrorific!

Children who appreciate a ghoulish-looking doll will love the Monster High twins called Peri and Pearl. The twins are two headed which greatly increases their uniqueness apart from their colorful fins and their glow in the dark quality.

Peri and Pearl are supported and stand comfortably on a serpentine tail. They have long and lovely hair with curls that can be styled as desired. They are great at the water too and they change colors beautifully when immersed.

Of the dolls in this list, the two headed twins have the best accessories in terms of earrings and necklaces. They are magnificently sculpted into each other joining at the shoulder bone which gives each enough headspace to show off their distinct features.

Their arms are movable and flexible for poses. They are great for role playing.


  • Double headed serpentine doll
  • Lovely curly hair
  • Great accessories


  • Washable doll
  • Unique design and sculpting
  • Glow in the dark fins


  • Takes time to charge
  • Removable parts may go missing


The Great Scarrier reef twins definitely have us shivering in fear but that’s what we love about them. Their cool bright colored glow-in-the-dark fins also make for a great display.

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Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet – Fierce Fashion

Barbie does it again for us in this powerful wardrobe set. Barbie has every piece of clothing and accessories a girl could wish for and these options give her owner lots to do.

In this set she comes dressed in a romper and has three pairs of shoes, two extra dresses, two extra earrings and two purses. Her dressing room is decorated with two double doors and locks up neatly with a handle for easy carrying around. It is filled with tons of closet space for accessories and hangars to hang her fashionable garments.

Your not so little one will have the time of day giving the little doll nonstop makeovers and photoshoots. This doll is very good at posing as well and can be used perfectly for storytelling purposes.


  • Barbie doll with a wardrobe set
  • Accessories


  • Variety of play options
  • Different outfits
  • Pose ready doll


  • Arms don’t bend


Because of the tons of activities and many dressing options you have in one doll, we love it for every little girl.

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Tyler Boy – Best Boy Doll ever

At 18-inches tall, Tyler stands tall and looks sharp in his laid-back country look. He has short curly brown hair and is wearing brown boots, pants, shirt and undies. His clothes have easy fasteners for quick changes.

He is designed to depict a boy living up in the farm who loves to ride horse. Unfortunately, you would have to part with more money to buy the horse made for Tyler.

Mom won’t have to worry about this dolls cleanliness as he is not afraid of the water and his solid plastic construction is meant to last.

His long curly hair may be nice to look at and touch but it needs an instruction manual with a routine to keep it soft and shiny.

Tyler belongs to a collection of dolls that are great for both boys and girls and prove as a great addition to any collectors’ treasure chest of dolls.


  • 18-inch doll
  • Big curly hair
  • Removable clothes


  • For boys and girls
  • Very relatable character
  • Choice for different ethnicities


  • One outfit
  • Needs extra accessories


Tyler is unique in his ethnicity, his size and his niche. As a young country boy, he is a unique and great gift to children to help them imagine things out of their natural surroundings. A great doll overall.

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My Life As School Boy and Tyler are both fantastic dolls to get your male 7-year-olds. For the girls though, we absolutely love the Barbies Fashionista Ultimate Closet doll. With all those accessories and the many ways in which we can play with her, have us convinced. That’s the ultimate doll for a 7-year-old girl.

5 Things to Look for in a Doll


They make the doll more desirable and we all love it when our dolls come heavily accessorized with their perfect fitting clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses, hats, hair pieces … the opportunities are endless. Aim to get a doll that is adequately and significantly accessorized to increase your child’s engagement with the doll. Variety increases activity.

Unique Characteristics

Dolls have a unique way of expressing our little one’s inner most desires and gives us a little insight into their puzzling minds. When they have a unique twist to them, they make your child stand out in the crown and have all eyes on her.

Ability to Sit or Stand?

The more they spend time with their doll, the more they get attached to it and soon, it will be the main feature in family portraits. Getting a doll that props up nicely or one that you can manipulate to create a weird pose, adds to the fun of it. They always make for such memorable moments.


Size matters and dolls are meant for the comfort of your child. You want them to have a doll that matches their height and weight. It increases the number of activities and variety of ways your child can reimagine the doll. A good-sized doll also tends to last longer as its easy to spot and take care of.

Washable or not

One of the worst drawbacks associated to dolls is the need to keep them clean. This is especially true for young toddlers who are always shoving things into their mouth totally oblivious of the millions of germs on them. That’s why it is crucial to buy a doll that is easy to keep clean and store away when need arises.

The significance of doll play


As you watch your kids and their group of friends challenge each other and come up with ridiculous hypothesis, don’t quickly dismiss it as child’s play. It might seem quite insignificant but to them, they are exploring new ideas and areas in their mind. Expanding this capacity will enable them to be big dreamers and achievers.

Language and understanding

In the case if interactive dolls, those little phrases or babbling sound that they make help to increase your little one’s vocabulary. A child will find that they can relate with these dolls as they get a chance to play mommy and to have a baby to take care of. Some babies with slow speech recorded improvements with the introduction to baby alive dolls.


By making up scenes and circumstances, creating characters and coming up with plot twists, they are really exercising their mental capacity to assume a role. This exercise helps them to attempt to understand how stuff works and get to appreciate the little stuff.

Social Skills Development

Dolls foster a sense of response and expression. The more they relate to them and then go out to play and share with their friends, they are essentially learning how to treat each other with kindness. That’s a very honorable quality to have.

Final thoughts

While 7-year-old’s can be a tough crowd to please, its not entirely impossible. It just takes a perceptive mom and a great buyers’ guide. Then, you have everything. Only thing left is to make an order on that unforgettable doll you just saw!

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