Best toys for 4-5-year-olds – Top 10 reviews and buying guide in 2020

Toys and playing have a huge role in the overall development of every child as it helps to create memories that improve your child’s imagination and her brain’s ability to retain information. Kids learn easily when they play and the best toys for 4-5-year-olds can help your kid to learn and have fun at the same time.

Different types of toys bring excitement to your child and encourage her to use her hands in building and controlling the toys. Toys give you a chance to bond with your child while learning and having fun at the same time. Having a playdate with your child gives you better incite in what she thinks and what she’s exposed to and as you play together you strengthen your relationship. Before you buy a toy for your 4-5-year-old kid, there are certain things you need to consider.

Things to consider when buying the best toys for 4-5-year-olds

Kids need to draw, play with different things like blocks, clay, puzzles, soft puppets, paper, musical instruments, read books and hear stories read aloud. With technology, there are more electric gadgets for kids that have overshadowed the traditional way of learning. When choosing a toy for your child, you must consider other benefits apart from fun.

Your kid’s preference

Every child has different tastes daily, but there are a few things that your child really loves and the only way to know your child’s preference is to find out directly from your child from what she/he likes to talk about or watch on TV. Boys generally love cars, dinosaurs, construction, while girls love Barbie dolls, playhouses, and soft puppets like teddy bears.


Ensure that the toys you buy for your child are durable and made with non-toxic materials like plastics to ensure your child’s safety. The metal toys should have a design that reduces the chances of accidents. A toy made with materials like steel and wood is said to be strong and durable while those made with plastic don’t last long.

Age range

4-5-year-olds are at a transition age where they graduate from the toddler stage, but might not be ready to handle some of the big kid toys. That’s why it’s important to check the age rating on the toys you decide to buy so that you can get toys that are appropriate for your child’s level of development.

Educational value

Most 4-5-year-olds are already in school so it will be beneficial if you bought your child toys that will help in reinforcing her learning skills. You can get toys that will help in teaching basic reading or counting or even games to help with coordination.

Your kid’s safety

Not every toy that is displayed on the shelves is safe for your kids. For the most part, toys are safe, but this goes more to your preference of what you want for your kids. Toys with small parts and pieces are unsafe for small kids and this makes them better for older kids. Check for small screws that can get lost on the toys or paint that can flake off if your toddler drools on it. The safety of your child is paramount especially when there are potential dangers posed by their toys.

A toy that grows with your kid

Raising a child is expensive and so are their toys, so don’t waste your money buying toys that your kid will only play with for a few months then they become redundant. Do your own research and find toys that will grow with your kid. There is a wide variety of toys that your baby can start with and with time as your kid grows they become more challenging.

Should encourage learning

Toys that make a lot of noise or light up are fun for your kids to play with, but make sure that they stimulate your kid’s mind. When your children are young they tend to pick up on things very quickly and this helps them to learn very fast, so take advantage of this time and invest in toys that will help your kid to think critically or solve problems.

Provide a multi-sensory experience

Buy toys for your kid that are not only fun but also do more than one thing. For example, toys that make noise, light up, and provide different textures will engage with your kid more than a toy that just makes noise. Such toys are known to help kids, especially those with special needs, provide different stimuli, reduce stress, and stop some bad behaviors in your kids.

Keep it simple

Toys that do so many things don’t allow your child to use his/her imagination. Like dolls that sing, talk, or give your kids instructions on what buttons to press instead of your kid being in charge. Buy toys that are simple like blocks that allow your kids to be spontaneous and creative as they play.

Your budget

How well you know your child and the kind of relationship you have can affect the kind of toys you buy and your budget. For example, a close relative should have a good idea of what your child likes so they can get away with buying big toys that affect their budget.

How do you choose the toys to give your 4-5-year-old?

Quality and learning toys

Toys are meant to be fun but also look for toys that will teach your child some skills. Toys with bright colors and different ways of playing with them to keep your child engaged. Learning one skill set from a toy is a step in the right direction when it comes to teaching your child skills that will help her in life. Buy learning toys that have shapes, alphabet, and numbers to help your child learn for preschool and kindergarten. Avoid buying cheap plastic toys because they can break and hurt your child, go for solid toys that can stand being handled by tiny hands.

Emotional milestones

As a preschooler, your child is a bit more emotionally secure so she’s less focused on her feelings and more on understanding how other people feel. Your child will also be a little more truthful. These upgrades in her emotional well-being will broaden the range of her emotions like fear, excitement, and jealousy. Your child will also become more competitive because she understands what winning is.

Cognitive milestones

4-5-year-olds talk a lot and their speech expound exponentially and your child can use a single word multiple times every day, but after some time she starts to absorb more words and she becomes very inquisitive. Your child may have a very active imagination to the extent of having an imaginary friend and being eager to interact more with the rest of the world. Her understanding of numbers will begin to improve and will want to learn more things like swinging or riding a bike.

Physical milestones

At this age, your child’s motor skills and agility are improving and she can probably dress herself, brush her teeth, not so well, and use the potty. At this stage, you should encourage your child to play outside more, explore the world around her and limit her screen time.

Social milestones

As your little girl tries to learn some coping mechanisms and as she tries to get a better handle on her emotions, be ready for a few temper tantrums. Any big changes that will happen at this time as a new baby brother or sister can mess with her behavior and mood. Socially, your child is ready to have real friends and even a best friend and may want to share with other kids.

Comparison table for the best toys for 4-5-year-olds

Type of toy
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3 different planes ( looper, wildcat, glider), launch stomp pad with air hose, adjustable launch stand
A doodle mat, design booklet, 6 stamps, 4 pens, storage box, 4 suction cups, drawing template, 6 drawing molds
Game board, colored card deck, instructions, 4 pawns
An off-road truck, posable and buildable raptor figure, removable cage, Owen, tracker minifigures, starter brick chassis
Non-toxic colorful sensory beads
150 colorful beads, 5 rubber character charms, 4 silicone necklaces, box for storage
A dump truck with tipping function, tracked excavator, roadwork sign, shovel, Lego bricks, rotating cabin
Big foot pedals, durable tires, easy grip handlebars, stable wheel base, secret compartment under the seat
38 different speed levels, 2 soft hammers with no batteries
6 plastic continent labels, blank label stickers, 6 continent puzzle pieces, rotatable globe, durable base

Stomp rocket stunt planes

This is a very special toy set for your little boy and it includes 3 stunt planes that perform the most amazing stunts, an adjustable launch stand and a launch stomp pad with an air hose. To launch one of these stunt planes you can either jump, run, or stomp. This toy set comes with the glider, wildcat, and looper planes that don’t require any batteries to power them, it’s all kid-powered.


This gives your child the feeling of responsibility and pride that he was able to launch the planes. Thanks to their aeronautical engineered design, these places can perform amazing stunts like the glider plane can fly up to 100 feet while the wildcat plane performs crazy tricks while in the air. You can use the adjustable launch stand to adjust the angle of flight of the planes or let them fly with the wind.


  • A fun Christmas gift for a little boy
  • The planes are made with soft material that can’t hurt anyone
  • The planes come in 3 different types of excitement and fun
  • They provide a very good way of family bonding


  • The planes aren’t very durable


A set of planes that bring a lot of excitement to your kids and even the entire family and a very nice way of bonding and having fun. The panes perform amazing stunts and aren’t dangerous to the kids.

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Jasonwell aqua magic doddle mat

This water drawing large mat is an educational toy that will inspire your kid’s imagination and help in their healthy brain development. This aqua magic mat has alphabet letters printed in attractive animal shapes and number templates and shapes. This mat is safe for your kids, easy to store, and there are no messes because you don’t use any paint. The mat comes with a storage box that contains 4 pens and 6 stamps, a design booklet, a drawing template, and 6 drawing molds.


To use these pens you only need to soak the pens in water for 2 minutes before using them or add tap water and start doodling on the mat. After about 10 minutes the drawing disappears and your kid can doddle again. You can either lay down this extra-large 39.5 x 31.5-inch mat for your kids to lay on their stomachs as they doddle or hang it on your wall with 4 suction caps if you kids want to stand and doddle with their friends.


  • A very clean drawing mat
  • The pens are easy to fill with water and they don’t leak
  • It’s fun and educational for the kids
  • The different shapes and letters keep the kids preoccupied


  • The wet pens and stamp pads can get moldy if not dried


A very exciting and engaging water drawing mat that is both fun and educational for your kids. The alphabet letters, animal shapes, and number templates help to enhance your kid’s imagination and brain development.

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Hasbro gaming candy kingdom adventures

If you played candy land when you were a kid, you can introduce your kids to this candy kingdom board game. Kids who haven’t yet learned how to read can also play this game as there is no reading required. Players move their gingerbread man pawn around and encounter many delicious surprises on the way as they race to get to the castle. This game has fun illustrations, colored cards, and sweet destinations that your kids will love.


This game also has a card deck, 4 pawns, a game board, and illustrations to help you on your race to the castle. This game can be played by 2-4 players so your kid can have fun playing with other friends.


  • A great game to play during family game night
  • Helps to teach your child different colors
  • Helps your child develop logic and strategy skills
  • It’s a simple and understandable game for kids


  • The game pieces are too small which can be challenging for small hands


A very exciting board game with colorful and interesting game pieces that your kids will love playing with their friends and even other family members.

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Lego juniors Jurassic raptor rescue truck building kit

This is a fun starter set that you can introduce to your child with easy to build models that come with a simple guide on how to build and play. This is a fun and fast way of building your child’s confidence. Your child can relieve the exciting world of the Jurassic world right in the comfort of your living room and play the hero who saves the day when he captures the raptor.


This 85 pieces building kit contains a tracker, Owen, and a posable raptor figure with opening mouth. There is also an off-road truck, a cage with a closing gate. This can be a very good bonding game for fathers and their kids or your kids and their friends where they get to play heroes as Owen and the tracker minifigures go to capture the raptor dinosaur.


  • Has very simple pieces to put together
  • A very interactive game
  • Makes a very nice gift for your little ones
  • Helps your kid with coordination


  • The small pieces can get lost


If your kids love the Jurassic world, this is a great game that will keep them preoccupied and boost their confidence.

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Marvelbeads water rainbow refill sensory toys

These are water beads that are bright and colorful with a rainbow mix that you can use as a decoration to create a colorful display for your kid’s bedroom or birthday. These are non-toxic beads that expand when put in water. They become smooth and squishy creating a very smooth sensation that your kids will love to feel. Parents and teachers are encouraged to use these water beads to help kids with a sensory processing disorder. You can reuse these beads as many times as you want and you don’t have to worry about them losing their color.


Your kids will love watching the beads grow once you put them in a bowl of water and your kids put their hands in the bowl or soak their feet in a bucket filled with these squishy beads. The sensation they get is an experience they will never forget. You can also use these colorful water beads to decorate your centerpieces or in your flower vases to give more color. All you need to do is simply soak the beads in water for 4-6 hours to let them absorb as much water as possible, then drain the excess water.


  • Great for kids with a sensory processing disorder
  • Really fun for your kids to play with
  • They make very nice decorations for various occasions


  • They can pop at any time
  • Your pets can easily swallow them


These are very colorful water beads that come in a mixture of rainbow colors which make very attractive decorations around your home.

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Tara Disney princess necklace toy activity set

This is a fun activity set for little girls who want to look as pretty as the Disney princesses in all the cartoons on TV. This is a fun bonding game for mothers and daughters to play. This set contains 150 beads, 5 character charms, and 4 silicone necklaces. These Disney princess necklaces are fun and easy to make different necklaces and all you need to do is insert the beads and princess face charms through the rubbery string and create new looks every time.


Everything is easily and safely stored in a plastic carrying case which makes it easy to clean up after. You can help your child in alternating the colorful beads and this can help your child with identifying colors and improving her creative imagination. You can create your own jewelry with colorful beads. This will boost your little one’s confidence and self-image while at the same time having fun with her friends.


  • The silicone strings don’t fray
  • Helps to build your child’s creative mind
  • Gives your child the joy of having you appreciate her work
  • Your child can mix and match different designs


  • Long hair can get entangled around the silicone string


A fun game that mothers and daughters can bond over. The colorful beads and princess face charms make beautiful necklaces that your little girl will be proud to wear around her neck.

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Lego Duplo truck and tracked excavator construction toy

If your little boy loves to play with trucks and likes to pretend to be a construction worker hard at work, this is the perfect toy set to get his as a gift. Your little builder will have a truckload of fun constructing these Lego trucks and excavators to build a town of their dreams. This construction toy has a dump truck and excavator, 2 construction workers with safety helmets, a shovel, a roadwork sign, and extra bricks for scooping.


The excavator has a posable arm and a rotating cabin and the dump truck has a tipping function to drive the rubble away. You can drive the excavator over uneven ground and use the big shovel to dig. This is an easy way for your child to have fun while at the same time nurturing his early building skills and encourage role-play with the Lego figures.


  • A great building set that is great for your kid’s cognitive development and motor skills
  • A fun and simple set
  • The pieces are very easy to put together
  • The truck and excavator are the right sizes for small hands


  • Doesn’t have extra screws in case one gets lost


A great first building set for young kids to improve their motor skills and cognitive development and still have fun. Your kids can get creative as they build their own town one brick at a time.

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Fisher price Harley Davidson tough trike

Kids love riding motorcycles and this is a classic little bike that has a cool Harley Davidson style and graphics with a secret storage compartment where your kids can put their snacks and toys. Your kid can pedal the bike in the yard or around the corner or neighborhood supervised by an adult. It has easy grip handles, wide wheels for a stable base, and big foot pedals to make it easier for your kids to pedal.


The tires are wide and durable with a comfortable seat that has a secret compartment under it where your kid can put his stuff. This tricycle is a great way to develop your kid’s leg muscles, strengthen his motor skills, and improve his balance and coordination. This is a very easy to use tricycle that your kid will have lots of fun riding and exercise on the way.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • The seat compartment can fit a lot of stuff
  • Made with durable materials
  • The wheels are wide enough to keep the tricycle stable


  • The handlebars are too wide for little hands to grip properly
  • The tricycle can be too big


This is a cute Harley Davidson little bike with cool graphics and secret compartments where your kid can hide his stuff. A fun way of getting your kid to exercise and have fun at the same time.

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Yeebay interactive whack a frog game

This whack a frog toy game is very interactive and is designed as a safe gift for your kids. It has a soft hammer and soft edges and made with quality and durable materials which makes it a thoughtful gift for toddlers and younger children. It has two different game modes and 38 different speed changing levels that get harder as you progress in the game. It also has 2 soft hammers that will not hurt so you can play with your kid or a friend can come over for a play date.

This is an interactive game that you and your kids can enjoy together and even compete to see who gets a better score. It helps in developing your kid’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and improve the attention span. Your kid and friends can play this game for hours as they take turns to whack the frog and communicate with each other when the flashing frog appears. The frog lights up at random and you use the hammer to hit them so turn off the lights. Your score is displayed on the screen. A perfect Christmas gift that will bring a big smile on your little one’s face.


  • Your baby gets to pound on the toy for hours
  • A nice Christmas gift for the kids
  • Helps your kid develop some hand-eye coordination
  • A fun game for kids of all ages
  • Made with durable quality materials


  • The game doesn’t come with batteries


An interactive and fun game you can play with your kids to improve their concentration and coordination skills. Your kid is also able to develop a competitive spirit.

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Learning resources puzzle globe

This puzzle globe is a great way for your kid to learn at home about the rest of the world. This toy is a 14 set piece that has a spinning globe, 6 continent labels, 6 continents, and a sheet of blank label stickers. This is a real globe that has 6 puzzle pieces that represent the different continents that include Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America and a piece for Antarctica.


Each continent is a small piece that small hands can hold comfortably with a large piece of the Asian continent. This spinning globe will help to improve your kid’s motor skills, learn geography, and special awareness. The globe has a tough and durable base that is designed with different animals, oceans, and famous landmarks you can help your kid to identify.


  • A very cute globe made with durable materials
  • A great way of making learning geography a fun lesson
  • Easy puzzle pieces your kid can put together
  • Educational and fun puzzle game


  • Some puzzle pieces can get lost


An educational and fun puzzle game you can play with your kids and help them learn more about the different continents in the world.

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Kids learn easily when they’re playing. If your child is in the preschool stage, you must introduce some basic language skills together with letters and numbers in their daily routine. You can buy some educational toys, alphabet puzzles, and electronic gadgets that will encourage your child to learn while having fun. Toys are also a great way of bonding with your kid and help you get a better insight into how your child thinks and what he/she is exposed to outside of your home.

This buying guide has some of the best toys for 4-5-year-olds like the Stomp rocket stunt planes that are not only fun but also helps your kid to develop motor skills and a sense of pride and accomplishment. Buy toys that guarantee to light up your kid’s eyes and keep her entertained for hours, but also ensure the toys are appropriate for your kid’s age and are safe to play with.